"Peace at Bartlett Falls" Coutesty of Anne Majusiak. (c) Anne Majusiak 2018

"Peace at Bartlett Falls" Coutesty of Anne Majusiak. (c) Anne Majusiak 2018

The EP, Journey to Peace, chronicles five tales from the story to which we all are bound. 

The last song is Peace.

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Roots of Peace

"Peace is not the absence of war." These words, penned nearly 350 years ago by philosopher Baruch Spinoza, could not be more applicable to our world today.  While the cessation of violence is of extraordinary value, what it accomplishes is usually only a temporary return to sanity.  Sanity, that throughout history, we grasp for only brief moments, 

Peace is something more.

Achieving the virtue of peace involves dedication and daily practice.  The acts of extending dignity to everyone we meet,  nurturing minds and bodies to bring out the best everyone has to offer, and expanding each heart's capacity to bring loving kindness to our daily actions are all aspects of how we find true peace.

Peace is part of a larger project to remind us that we all began this journey together, and despite the endless reasons to feel separated, we do remain connected. Only by building a global community can we rise to the challenges we face.  That will be achieved through our seeking the higher purpose behind the word "peace".


Peace was performed by:

Connor Kennedy | lead vocals, electric guitars

Will Bryant | keyboards, vocals

Lee Falco | drums, percussion, vocals

Brandon  Morrison | bass guitar

Jay Collins | saxophone and flute

Kenny Siegal | vocals

Cureado | acoustic guitar, vocals

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